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Fresh from his outrageous performance and behaviour at the Harare Lockdown gig which featured Oliver Mtukudzi and South African pop group Mafikizolo, Zim dancehall artiste Tocky Vibes sunk to a new low on Monday night as he failed to live up to expectations. Tocky Vibes, who shared the stage with Guspy Warrior, failed to turn up for the gig on time and only hit the stage around 10pm and before fans had warmed up to him the show was over by 11pm.

He shortchanged fans by performing for less than an hour before leaving the stage in a flash.

It was only after some minutes that fans realised that Tocky had ended his set and were now waiting for Guspy Warrior.

Fans who spoke to The Herald Entertainment complained they were shortchanged and slammed Tocky for his wayward behaviour.

“This young man needs serious grooming, how can he rob us like this,” said an irate fan.

Benjy Nyandoro director of Jive Zimbabwe, an arts company that promotes local artists, said Tocky was digging his own grave.

“I have worked with so many artistes and most of them listen to sound aice. He is still growing musicially but its sad that he thinks he has arrived,” said Nyandoro.

He said Tocky’s performance was less than convincing.

“With the audience that was at the Book Cafe it is not proper to abandon the show like that. He is slowly losing the plot and very soon he will go down like other artistes who used to take fans for granted,” he said.

Tocky’s manager Elvis Bokosha said they were rushing against time.

“We were rushing against time because we were told that the show ends at midnight,” said Bokosha.

He said they stuck to their schedule.

Ever since Tocky hit the big time he has been involved in a number of scandals.

Recently, Tocky had a misunderstanding with promoter Josh Hozheri after he refused to curtain raise for Oliver Mtukudzi arguing that there was a small crowd.

However, he was pelted by empty cans at the Harare Lockdown held over the weekend at the Harare International Conference Centre. In all the cases, Tocky was found wanting but he did not bother to apologise to fans.

Source : The Herald