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Football is not just about the boot size you wear or the revenue figures your team gets after every match you play, it involves inspiration and style. If you ask many of the big names in the game, they tell you football was their dream come true especially when playing for big teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United or even our own Dynamos, Caps United or Highlanders.

Soccer legends have always attributed their success to teamwork, passion, positive attitude and how one deals with failure and discipline.

Sixteen-year-old Wayne Ngoni Mawere’s dream to play for Real Madrid FC might come true at the end of this month when he joins a week long training camp for the Spanish junior side at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

The youthful player who might be Zimbabwe’s next football sensation started his career at an early stage and has been developing his skills in South Africa after his mother migrated in 2013.

“When I was growing up, I always had this dream of playing at Real Madrid repeating itself whenever I slept and after those nights I would train hard. Ever since I arrived in SA I have been playing for Arcadia Academy in the North West Province, a team that has groomed me until I got discovered by officials from the AATC football agency”, he said.

He said he got discovered after he made a stunning performance when his side won against Tlokwe FC last month.

“I have always played my games in form and creating all the chances from the right wing so that our striker scores for us to win. On this fateful day I impressed my coaches as usual and got myself a big nod from the agency members who were scouting young talent without our knowledge.

“After the match I was called and presented with the unimaginable chance of my lifetime. They told me I was going to join Real Madrid’s development team”, he said.

Wayne said he is now focused on making a great impression towards his intended glory.

“I have only one goal now and that is to impress the officials who oversee Real Madrid’s development squad and probably strike a deal that will allow me to become who I have always dreamt to be when I was a child”, he said.

The City College student in Pofstroom said he got most of his inspiration from his late father who was a Black Mambas player.

“My father used to play for the police side, Black Mambas. Back in the day, he used to take me to his training sessions and I would love chasing the ball around. He made me his biggest fan and I think I owe him much, so I dedicate this call to Spain to him wherever he is”, said Wayne.

The boy said if given a chance he would find his way in the Dynamos first team just like how Messi or Peter Ndlovu began their careers.

Source : The Herald