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Talented singer, dancer and percussionist from the Ivory Coast, Dobet Gnahoreacute will be performing at Harare International Festival of the Arts on May 1 at Telecel’s main stage.

The song bird inherited the force of the “Beacuteteacute tradition” from her father, Boni Gnahoreacute, a master percussionist who plays with the Abidjan-based Ki-Yi Mbock Company, directed by Werewere Liking.

Dobet’s music is varied and colourful as it ranges from Mandingue melodies to Congolese rumba, from Ivory Coast Ziglibiti to Cameroon Bikoutsi, from Ghanaian High-Life to Zulu choirs.

Her poly-national band adds sanza, balafon, calebasse, bongos, guitar and vocal backup to Dobet’s warm and powerful voice.

She is widely considered as one of the contemporary African music most exciting talents.

Dobet has astounded audiences with her thrilling stage presence, appealing melodies, delicate ballads, upbeat of African grooves and powerful singing.

Dobet last performed at Hifa in 2008.

Source : The Herald