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A tribute show in loving memory of the late William Sinclair, well known in Zimbabwe’s dancehall arena as “Jah B, The Godfather”, who passed away on the March 10 2008, is to be held at The Basement Night Club which is located at corner Park street and Leopold Takawira tonight. Speaking to The Herald Entertainment, Trevor Hall,who is affectionately known as Ras Jabu in the music circles, said the tribute show comes after the realisation by the Rastafarian community in Zimbabwe that it has been quite a long time since Jah B has been remembered and the show is meant to honour the late DJ’s immense contribution to the local reggae industry since his came to Zimbabwe from England.

“It is now quite a long time since we have paid tribute to our late counterpart ‘Jah B’ so we as the Rastafarian people in Zimbabwe have decided to honour him for his pivotal role in establishing and promoting reggae and dancehall music in Zimbabwe since his arrival from England,” he said.

Ras Jabu invited people from all walks of life to come in their numbers in solidarity with the “Jah B Tribute Show” and he also paid gratitude to the owner of the Basement Night Club, Sister Christine, for providing the venue for the event.

“We are inviting all people from all walks of life to come and support this tribute show for the late great Jah B. We would also like to thank Sister Christine who is the owner of the Basement Night Club, for providing the venue for this memorable event” he said.

“The tribute show is scheduled to start at 4pm and is being hosted by Mr Muffin Startime Super Powa and is powered by ‘Redemption P.A.”

Ras Jabu also noted that the unveiling of Jah B’s tombstone will take place at Warren Hills Cemetry tomorrow.

“There will be the unveiling of Jah B’s tombstone the following day after the tribute show, so we also want to invite friends, family and fans to come and support us” he added.

Ras Jabu, Towa Stock and Regoman will be the MCs of the night .

Jah B was part of the popular Stereo One International which became Zimbabwe’s number one dancehall sound at the Tube Night Club and was part of Power Chetemere’s Africa One Sound System which was one of the first reggae sound systems in Zimbabwe having been formed in 1981.

Sounds like Unity Sound, Dandaro Rockers, Mighty Ducks, Startime Supa Powa, Delta Force,Ruff Neck and Shocking Vibes’ worked closely with Jah B.

He also clashed with international sounds like Saxon Sounds from England amongst others.

Source : The Herald