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As Soul Jah Love’s woes and career controversies mount, the musician has turned to gospel music.

Four tracks from the musician’s album that will be launched on March 7 will carry gospel messages.

Soul Jah Love said the gospel tracks were inspired by the need to clear his image from various ills bedeviling his career and showing fans the other side of his creativity.

“I have decided to sing gospel for one good reason. I want to desist from singing meaningless songs that instil violence in society.

“I pray that all my fans will be touched by the songs. My critics will this year testify that it is not a mistake to be in music,” said Soul Jah Love.

The musician’s career has been marred by controversy since he stormed the local music industry and he is largely seen as one of the bad boys of Zimdancehall.

The musician said he wants to create music that cuts across ages and do away with dirty lyrics.

He said some of his old songs were not suitable for family listening and he was moving his brand towards a new direction.

On the album, songs “Ishe Ndinovada”, “Ndinomuremekedza”, “Ishe Fambai Neni” and “Kuponda Nhamo” have messages that portray God’s glory.

Titled “Kuponda Nhamo” the album will be launched at th Andy Miller Hall on March 7.

A number of Zim dancehall stars including Winky D, Freeman, Kinnah, Guspy Warrior, Shinsoman and Dhadza D are expected to perform.

In an Interview with The Herald Entertainment, the musician’s manager, Tafadzwa Brian Mudaiswa, said they are happy to be launching their 22-track album.

“Kuponda Nhamo is Jah Love ‘s second official album after he first released ‘Matindingoma'”

He said they have decided to launch a 22- track album because of the artiste’s prolific creativity and capability.

“He is a talented young man,. so we decided to do it big. Basing with his pace of productions, he can produce an album every month and 90 percent of the songs on this album were produced within a short period of time,” he said.

Meanwhile, there has been an outcry from music promoters and fans over the musician’s behaviour which has, of late, left a lot to be desired.

He has a habit of snubbing shows due to double booking. Mutare-based show promoter Esau Mupfumi has since decided to take legal action on the “NdinI Uya Uya” hitmaker after he failed to turn up for his two shows at Pick n’ Save in Mutare.

He has grabbed headlines after he was involved in a brawl with a city hooker who allegedly disclosed that they were dating.

Soul Jah Love also lost his car recently after failing to pay rent. His feud with Seh Calaz probably makes the biggest dark spot of his career as it has led to brawls at some shows.

Source : The Herald