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Jah Prayzah and Suluman Chimbetu are expected to be the main acts at the inaugural launch of the Harare Junior Council air day that will be held in conjunction with Swissjet Aviation Development Trust.

The event is set for Borrowdale Race Course on May 23.

For Jah Prayzah, the show would be like a celebration of the birth of a new baby since he releases his new album “Jerusarema” a day before the air day.

“Jerusarema” is set to be launched at Harare International Conference Centre on May 22 and Chimbetu will also be part of the event.

So, when the two perform at the air day, it would be a continuation of festivities.

At the air show, they will share the stage with ZRP police band, Extra Large and other artiste from the Zim Talent show. The show which will start in the morning and expected last the day has its main focus on directing proceeds towards the construction of boreholes, sanitation and E-learning in schools.

Addressing a Press conference in the capital on Wednesday, Harare Junior Mayor Ebenezer Nobela said the air day will educate young people about the technicalities behind the aviation world.

“The main purpose of the air day is to educate people about the world of aviation.

“You often find kids shouting ‘ndege! ndege!’, but have never really been in an airplane, or all they know about aviation careers is the pilot or air hostess,” he said.

He said this will be an air day and not an air show.

“We are going to have an air day which is different from an air show, the air day will have airplanes available for people to easily access them and have a one-on-one chat with the personnel and professionals that operate them. Therefore the airplanes will be static to give people access to them,” he said.

He said the junior council has embarked on this mission to source funds for their projects.

“We have several social responsibility programmes in pursuit of our objectives that require financing. Our strategy for raising the necessary funding is teaming up with corporate organizations like ZTA, Swissjet Aviation Development Trust, Printworks, POSB and many more that are still coming,” he said.

An official from the Swissjet Aviation Development Trust said they are ready for the day.

“We are happy that we the official partners of the Harare Junior Council ‘Air Day’, we are going to bring in all our expertise during the day so we urge you all to come in your numbers,” the official said.

Source : The Herald