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Contemporary musician Jah Prayzah has named his forthcoming album “Jerusarema” after the popular traditional dance Jerusarema Mbende. Jerusarem Mbende is a dance that originated from Mashonaland East Province. In 2005, UNESCO awarded the dance a heritage status and it became part of UNESCO’s Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage.

The musician who was born and bred in Uzumba said he wanted people from different cultures to know about the dance.

“I come from Mashonaland East where the dance is popular, so I decided to name my album after the dance ,” he said. He said the title track reflects the music that accompanies the traditional dance with instruments like rattles, clappers and drums. In addition to this, there is also chanting, whistling, and ululation. As he samples his new songs, the musician is also taking the dance to various parts of the country and tonight he performs in Gweru at Midlands Hotel where he shares the stage with Winky D and Tarasina Chibaya.

“The drum is most important instrument and my wish is to see the dance spreading across the country and the globe . That is why I penned that song ‘Jerusalem Ngariyambuke’. I will be sampling it when I perform around the country and this weekend I am taking it to Gweru,” he said. He said it was important for artistes to be ambassadors of their cultures.

“As artistes we should respect our culture so that when we perform in different countries we can export it,” he said. Jah Prayzah who is arguably one of the best performers in the country said he would make sure that when he performs outside the country he markets the dance. The album will be launched on May 22 at the Harare International Centre.

He said they have started sampling new songs on their shows.

“Those coming to our shows will have the privilege to listen to some of the new songs,” he said.

Organiser of the Gweru show Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza said they will support culture preservation through music. “It is good for promoters, artistes and all the stakeholders of the industry if our artistes shows solidarity with our culture and we are happy that he will begin his crusade at tonight’s show,” he said.

Source : The Herald