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Jah Prayzah turns 27 today and a mega bash has been slated for Big Apple tonight to celebrate his birthday. Many high profile figures and artistes are expected to grace the event.

The musician says he is happy to celebrate his birthday with fellow artists, promoters and fans. Below is his birthday message:

“It has been torrid, living through a decision to pursue music as a career. I take every passing year to reflect on my career development and life in general. Looking beyond, grounding my endeavours to my roots back in Uzumba kuna Mai na Baba.

“I was born on 4 July 1987 at Nyadire United Methodist Hospital in Mutoko, Mashonaland East Province. I attended my primary and secondary school at Musanhi Primary and Secondary Schools respectively. I am last born in a family of five, with four boys. I sadly lost two brothers. I do not want to pre-empt a documentary that I have been working on that is coming out on July 4 (today) at my birthday celebrations at the Big Apple.

“I take this special opportunity to share a message of warm gratitude and burning inspiration to fellow Zimbabwean and beyond.

“I am a living testimony of conquering tribulations in my journey to date, with its unique cocktail of hurdles. Success is relative, it is a reflection of where you were, where you are today and the clarity of where you want to be.

“Having spent my entire childhood at my rural home in Uzumba, an attempt on urban life, let alone the perceived informal trade, music, was a nightmare.

“I was not deterred for I have that g passion for art and music in particular.

“I started humbly, recording singles at makeshift studios in Kambuzuma, Budiriro and Chitungwiza, with my first commercially recorded song being ‘Sungano’ which is on album ‘SunganoYeRudo’.

“Interesting to note is that I my debut ‘Rudo NeRunyararo’ never saw the light of day, but people often sing along to the songs at shows although they cannot find them on my known albums. I have now packaged ‘Rudo NeRunyararo’ and a compilation of my singles into an album called ‘Dura’ that is coming soon. That is where you find songs like ‘Sorry Mama’.

“I can say I have six albums to my fame, namely ‘Dura’, ‘Rudo NeRunyararo’, ‘Sungano YeRudo’, ‘NgwariraKuparara’, ‘Tsviriyo’ and ‘Kumbumura Mhute’.

“I thank all those who gave me the support I needed much. My parents, Baba na Mai Mukombe I thank you. At the age of 14. Doing my Form 2 at Musanhi Secondary School, my parents blessed my effort to develop my music interest when I engaged my Geography teacher Mr Musimbe to teach me how to play Mbira. I give thanks to Mr Musimbe, who at his spare time would endure my overdrive to learn.

“I also want to thank my Shona teacher Mrs Mukarati, who helped me polish my linguistic command. I forever remember her every time I compose. I want to thank teachers and fellow pupils, at Musanhi Primary and Secondary schools. I want to thank my peers for that positive influence and encouragement.

“Special thanks to my wife Rufaro, I get all the support from her. I also thank Sekuru Tendai Savanhu, Mukoma Philip Chiyangwa, Baba Esau Mupfumi, and VaMudarikwa, among others. Baba Oliver Mtukudzi, Gandanga Thomas Mapfumo, Suluman Chimbetu, Kapfupi, and Chipaz, fellow artists and promoters, I thank you all.

“I take this special opportunity to let my band members and management know how much I appreciate the support. I want to call it The Third Generation Family. We have come a long way.

“To all my fans, come join my birthday celebrations at the Big Apple. From wherever you are, enjoy this day in pursuit of happiness.

“Thank you.”

Source : The Herald