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After so much hullabaloo about the recently held Harare International Festival of the Arts, it is now back to basics for most performing groups and artistes.

This weekend Jam Signal, a house fusion outfit whose members include Mutsawashe Gudlanga on drums, Osborne Matengenzara on the saxophone and keyboardist Abel Maunga, performs at Misty’s.

The three will be serenading their fans at the upmarket venue at Newlands Shopping Centre where the discerning revellers enjoy themselves in the cool ambience of spot as well as snacking on sumptuous treats from the restaurant.

The gig starts at 8pm until late.

But if music is the food then play on as Jam Signal churns out hit after hit to give music lovers a cool mix of jazz, swing, blues, samba, funk, house, afro jazz, R “n’ B, Latino and traditional music though pop and jazz is their main domain.

Recently the group dropped a remake of chimurenga guru Dr Thomas Mapfumo’s “Nyoka Musango” which became an instant club banger.

The high energy three piece band has been together since November 2012, with their music and unique blend of styles.

Its sound is recognised with intensely catchy melodic lines, groovy rhythms and the skilful instrumental solos. The pure amalgamation of three passionate musicians is evident at their live gigs, when they play fast pop grooves or a light whimsical side of jazz. Part of the success of the band relies on their mutual respect and understanding of each other’s musicality as every member takes an active role in the band.

For those not in the know, in November 2012, Jam Signal was part of the team that represented Zimbabwe in Maputo Mozambique with a programme called Umoja CFC international for two weeks and this saw them receiving certificates they were awarded by the organisation and they created links from Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya and Norway which were countries that also attended the camp in Maputo.

In December 2012 the band under the programme “ONE FOR ALL” toured Kenya for two weeks and this saw them doing collaborations with Kenyan artists and recording a song called “shake it” which basically passes a message of oneness, peace and joy of making and creating music together.

Meanwhile,afro-fusion singer Alexio Kawara, who is working on his upcoming album, is expected to give his fans a foretaste of the new songs tomorrow when he performs at Misty’s backed by his group, Shades of Black.

Kawara is expected to stir things up with a playlist that includes his early hits such as “Ndinomhanya”,” Kumba Kwenyu”, “Mandigura Kunorira” and “Chemera Jesu” and other popular songs such as “Amai”, to “Shaina” and “Tinodanana”.

Source : The Herald