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JUST two days after taking over as the majority shareholder at CAPS United, in a landmark deal designed to save the country’s third biggest football franchise from collapsing, Farai Jere has called for a board meeting in Harare this morning to spell out his vision to the club’s leadership.

The meeting is scheduled to be attended by the two shareholders, Jere and his partner Twine Phiri, the outgoing board of directors and other key leaders at CAPS United.

The outgoing board was appointed by Phiri and some of its members included prominent Harare lawyer, Lewis Uriri, and businessman, Nhamo Tutisani, who dragged CAPS United to the High Court recently appealing for the liquidation of the club.

Uriri and Tutisani are owed a substantial chunk of money, which they injected into CAPS United’s operations last year, and argued that the club was no longer in a position to pay them their dues and was, technically, insolvent.

However, things aren’t looking that bleak at CAPS United after Phiri agreed to convert the more than $1,4 million debt, which the club owed Jere, into equity which turned his partner into the majority shareholder at the Green Machine with an 80 percent stake.

Phiri, until Saturday the majority shareholder at CAPS United, now has a reduced stake of 20 percent and there has been a commitment, by his partner, that fresh capital will be sought and pumped into the club to keep it afloat. Given that Jere now has the biggest stake in CAPS United, the onus is now on him to find the funds to keep oiling the Green Machine and he believes that if he assembles a very good Board of Directors, they should be in a position to take care of the team’s demands.

“It’s about running a business and CAPS United are not in any way different from the companies that we run, you can’t do it alone, you need guys who have the expertise to handle certain portfolios and if we can all play our small parts, then things will start getting better,” Jere said.

“We have called a board meeting tomorrow morning (today) where we will also be able to update the other guys of what happened at the weekend and discuss the state of the club and see how we can move forward from here.

“It’s a crucial week for us and we want to thank the team, for the superb result in their last game, which is what we just wanted at this point in time to cheer the spirits of everyone connected with CAPS United but that should not be the end but the beginning of what we want to achieve and we can only do it if we are united.”

On Sunday Jere hailed his partner Phiri for putting the interests of the club ahead of his personal interests.

“I have to say that Mr Phiri, after careful consideration, has put the interests of CAPS United ahead of his personal interests and only a good leader can have the guts to do that, especially when you consider the long time that he has been owner and what he has invested over that time,” Jere said. “I take my hat off to him because only those blessed with vision, like him, can make such a bold decision to say that, maybe, this is the time for someone else to lead the way, especially for something that means so much for him because he passionately loves CAPS United and has sacrificed a lot for us to be here.

“Many clubs run by individuals, which came after Mr Phiri took over at CAPS United, collapsed and that we are still standing is testimony of his capacity as a leader and I salute him for making the big decision that the club needs a new direction.”

Social media exploded yesterday as it reacted to the news that a deal had been thrashed that could possibly save CAPS United and there were a number of happy CAPS United fans as they welcomed the developments.

Here are some of their comments:

Edward Vakai

Jere sounding very mature and ready for the challenge, congratulations Bunjira, great news for former players.

Mutombo Simbarashe

We applaud every effort that saves CAPS from collapsing and (everyone) realises that a league without CAPS is as poor as a country without a manufacturing base. We hope that given time the new set-up will bring back the CAPS I have loved in my entire life

Tawanda Pasipanodya

Good news Kepekepe family, aiwa ndafara. I LOVE MY CAPS UNITED vanhu ngavachekwe. Mutuma,Makatuka naMukandi huyai tibate basa naHarrison tosvika kure

Tendai Tindoz Pfupa

Thanks to TP (Twine Phiri) and FJ (Farai Jere). Ndokuita kwevanhu vakuru.

Pepukai Zvinoitavamwe

At last we can now say something, long live CAPS United

Ralph Mhlanga

Thank you guys for the move you made to save our beloved team because tangatichasara tava CAPLESS without CAPS United in the PSL.

Alfios Mambo

Well, at long last, CAPS United is out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Long live Makepekepe

Eddy Muchafa Masuka

This time Jere ngaazvichengetere ega share certificate rake, hatidi kuzomunzwa akuchema futi mangwana. Chakachenjedza ndochakatanga.

Panganayi Mashava

Good move, I feel sorry for our next opponent.

Misheck Sanangura

Thanks maBoss Farai Jere and Twine Phiri kuground tochiuya manje KepeKepe Bhora

Timothy Nyakurita Timothy

It’s now the duty of supporters to respond positively by going to the matches. Thanks Mr Jere for rescuing our team.

Grants Jones Wagoneka

I salute MR PHIRI .I TRUST YOU MR JERE, Let’s do this.

Hardlife Tapera Soroti Sithole

Mr Phiri, makashinga rambai makadaro chokwadii mukadzi haarabwe nekuti hazvari, Bunjira you are the man wakagara uineshungu neCAPS. Mr Jere tinodada nemi zvanga zvakuda muchina muhombe chokwadi, Go Green, Go Green Machine.

Hampton Dhibi

Good not only for CAPS Utd but for Zim football. Well done Phiri and Jere, you found common ground and that’s being true men.

Richard Furau

Better we can now support with happiness, thanks Mr Jere

Patrick Sithole

Thank you for coming to the rescue of my beloved club, CAPS for life.

Method Matembwe

Mr Jere, I welcome you with open arms, that handovertakeover was long overdue.

Jairos Jay Murembwe

I humbly welcome you Mr Jere., oooooh my beloved CAPS, ndatenda zvangu ini, ndange ndicha supporter chii nhai, thanks Mr Jere.

Source : The Herald