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A HARARE man who is based in Botswana has been arrested after he poured sulphuric acid on his ex-girlfriend Rudo Bakasa after she ended their love relationship.

Bakasa Rudo is now battling for her life at Parirenyatwa Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit with more that 60% burns on her body, according to hospital authorities.

Narrating her ordeal to NewZimbabwe.com, Bakasa said Robson Manamba had always been threatening her with death if she ended their relationship.

“I had tried on several occasions to end this relationship but he would still phone me even if I changed my numbers threatening me with death,” said Bakasa, evidently in pain.

Rudo said on the sad day, Robson followed her to Goromonzi where she had gone to attend a funeral.

“He met me at the bus stop and asked me if I was serious about ending our relationship I told him point blank that it was over and he said no one dumps him”.

“That’s when he grabbed me and wanted to pour some liquid in my mouth, while we were struggling he missed my mouth and some of the liquid got to my face”.

“He poured some on my body and I screamed for help and removed all my clothes because I was in so much pain”.

According to the victim’s sister Martha, Robson was a go between when Rudo got married and when she divorced. Robson was a friend to Rudo’s former husband.

“The two started dating then, until Rudo decided to end the relationship and that’s when all the death threats started”.

Source : New Zimbabwe