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A Harare man is in the habit of assaulting his wife claiming reimbursement of all the money he paid for her school fees while she was a student teacher, the Civil Court heard last week.

Monalisa Mvundura claimed her husband Christopher was breaching her peace daily.

Monalisa was seeking a protection order against Christopher whom she was accusing of sexually, physically and verbally abusing her.

“He is always assaulting me demanding reimbursement of the money he used to pay as my school fees while I was attending a teachers’ college,” she said.

Monalisa told magistrate Ms Audrey Tarugarira that Christopher started demanding the money soon after losing his job.

“He forces me to be intimate with him and if I refuse he either assaults me or spends the whole night shouting at me,” said Monalisa.

She claimed that Christopher was not contributing anything towards the upkeep of their children, leaving the entire burden on her.

“I am now living in fear because he always threatens to kill me each time we have a misunderstanding,” she said.

Christopher admitted to verbally abusing Monalisa, but denied all the other allegations.

“Yes, I insult her, but only when we have a misunderstanding,” he said.

“As for the sexual and physical abuse, I am not in any way doing it.”

Ms Tarugarira granted the order in Monalisa’s favour which barred Christopher from sexually, physically or verbally abusing her.

She also ordered the couple to solve their disputes amicably.

Source : The Herald