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Former Extra Kwazvose chanter Jonasi Kasamba and drummer Obert Gomba have joined choral group Extre Afrique Choir and declared that they have now turned to God.

The two performed with the group fronted by Laiton Ngolomi at the launch of gospel musician Reverend Togarepi Chivariro’s 10th album in Harare.

The two said they are now performing with the gospel group because they have dedicated their lives to God.

Kasamba said he gave his life to God after failed attempts to make ends meet.

“Everything happens for a purpose and I gave my life to God,” he said.

He said only God would provide answers to the problems he was facing with his family.

“At times you go around looking for solutions forgetting that there is God who is the solution to all your problems. We have joined this group and everything is now well with me and my family,” said Kasamba.

Gomba said they are not looking back on their new mission.

“Our lives belong to God and we are not going to reverse our decision to turn to Him for our lives and careers,” he said.

Ngolomi confirmed the development saying the two had made their decisions clear.

“They are now going to church and they are happy to work with the gospel group. We are also happy about their decision,” said Ngolomi.

The talented producer said their commitment to work with the band was encouraging.

“If you come to our rehearsals you will realise that they come early for work and do their work with passion,” he said.

Kasamba made headlines early this year after he said he was relocating to his home country, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The chanter said he had fallen on hard times and could not stomach it.

Their efforts to rejoin sungura ace Alick Macheso hit a snag after he refused to re-employ them.

Kasamba and Gomba together with guitarist Noel Nyazanda ditched Macheso and combined with Francis “Franco Slomo” Dhaka to form sungura group Extra Kwazvose.

The four had a fall out prompting Franco Slomo to take over the band.

Source : The Herald