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Journalists based in Harare on 27 March 2015 walked out on a news conference called by Steward Bank after its representative Tawanda Nyambirai refused to apologise for the raid of The Source news agency’s offices.

Steward Bank had called the press conference in a bid to quell the storm that erupted in the aftermath of the raid of the news agency offices in Harare on 26 March 2015.

Econet Wireless and Steward Bank through its lawyers, the Sherriff and police, searched and seized documents from the Source news agency in execution of a High Court order granted by Justice Musakwa.

Nyambirai briefly addressed the presser before it was aborted following his remarks insinuating that the documents that were used in stories written by The Source had been stolen.

Journalists then demanded an apology from Nyambirai for implying and connecting the publication of the stories complained of as arising from the theft of documents from Steward Bank.

However, Nyambirai did not relent resulting in the walkout by journalists in attendance.


The two applicants (Steward Bank and Econet Wireless) alleged that the publication of two stories titled: Steward Bank seeks land to settle 2.1 million Chiyangwa loan and Debt distressed Zimbabwe moves to reschedule domestic debt, were premised on illegally obtained documents.

Source : Media Institute of Southern Africa