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Tendai Mupfurutsa Jnr has released a rousing video for his first hit single “Angel” which is likely to send tongues wagging.

The sleek video shows Judd and a video vixen having a whale of a time somewhere in the scenic views of Harare. The riveting video was shot in Harare and directed by Encore, a talented filmmaker. If you talk of swag then you won’t be disappointed with the video.

More popularly known in music circles simply Judd, the soulful singer has also launched his own website juddzim.com which gives fans the freshest music and news.

“I’m happy that the video for my first single ‘Angel’ is now out and hopefully people are going to love it. About the video, it’s nothing sophisticated but just to go with the theme of love. It features me and a beautiful lady having a great time,” Judd said.

The youngster said the afro-soul video captures the imagination of not only barbed wire fans but also music lovers at large.

“The song is inspired by Zimbabwean women. It’s a classic love ballad with a dance vibe and, most importantly, proudly Zimbabwean. So far the response has been overwhelming,” the 27-year-old crooner said.

Judd is the son to the late Prince Tendai Mupfurutsa, an icon who fathered a genre popularly known as “barbed wire”.

However, Judd admits that it has not been easy to try and fit in his father’s shoes.

“Those are big shoes to fit in but I am ready to chart my own course through giving my best in music. I have been doing music since way back but now I felt it was the right time to get my name out,” he said. Asked whether he was into music seriously or just following the bandwagon of youngsters who are following in their father’s footsteps when they lacked in talent, Judd said he had a rich music background and that it was an obligation to continue with his father’s legacy.

“It wasn’t an overnight thing because I was exposed to music at the tender age of five when my father would take me to the studio for his recordings. I also didn’t choose to do music but music chose me because it’s the best way to reach out to as many people as possible.

“In other words, music becomes an obligation because there is a legacy already which should continue.

However, I admit, it is not going to be that easy for me but with the support of everyone I believe I will get there,” he explained.

He said he was aiming at consolidating the fan base which his father built over these years through producing good music. True to his words, nowadays music has to be felt or inspire people in whatever they do.

His father, Prince Tendai, stood the test of time as he constantly changed the flair of his music through collaborations or fusions of different influences.

Prince Tendai, who was famous for his swag and style of music, kept his game high by making sure that whatever he produced was of international standards.

Source : The Herald