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Labour Court judge Mrs Betty Chidziva has taken 22 families to court for the alleged unlawful occupation of her farm in Beatrice.

Japhet Marumbe and 21 others denied contravening Section 3 of the Land Act (Chapter 20:20) on “occupation of gazetted land without lawful authority”.

The 22 families appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Georgina Ndava and were remanded out of custody to Friday for judgement.

In their defence, the 22 proffered varying arguments but all claiming to be lawful occupiers of Lang Glen (Angle Ranch) Farm.

They told the court that they had worked for the white former farmer, only identified as Payne.

Prosecutor Mr Edmond Ndambakuwa told the court that Ms Chidziva (50) of Cranborne, Harare was allocated the farm and issued with an offer letter on February 8, 2012.

The claim was substantiated by the provincial chief lands officer, who supplied the court with documentation citing Ms Chidziva as the owner of the farm.

Mr Ndambakuwa alleged that when Ms Chidziva went to the farm, she was surprised to find families building permanent structures, including tobacco barns.

The court heard that between February 2012 to date, the 22 allocated themselves subdivision 7 of the farm and invited settlers from Zanka Farm — which is some 10km away – to join them.

Ms Chidziva reported the matter to the police.

Source : The Herald