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The Junior Schools Combined Choirs Concert was held at Hartman House in their golden Jubilee Hall. A total of 360 children took part inthe concert that started in the afternoon.

The Junior Schools Combined Choirs Concert was unique because it was held to honour the long-serving convener Mrs Shelly Fauls who is retiring.

There were 12 schools at the concert and these included our school Hallingbury, Dominican Convent, St John’s Preparatory School, Bishopslea, Heritage, Twin Rivers, Amai Mugabe Junior School, Ariel, Masaisai, Belvedere, Westridge and Gateway School. Each choir had 20 students.

The combined choirs sang 11 songs and there was a variety of songs which included country and western, traditional and jazz music. The schools started with the national anthem before the singing began. The song Cartoon Heroes conducted by Shelly Fauls was easily the audience’s favourite. The choirs got a standing ovation for the performance.

A song was also dedicated to the music teacher. In between the singing seniors from St George’s, the Churchill Pipe Band and the Masaisai Marimba Band entertained the audience.

The audience comprised of parents and other children and the proceeds will be donated to charity. – The writer (11) is a pupil at Hallingbury Primary School

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Source : The Herald