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THE opposition MDC parties have paid tribute to the late Supreme Court judge, Justice Wilson Sandura saying his unbending resolve to uphold the rule of law ultimately cost him Chief Justiceship.

According to the MDC party led by Welshman Ncube, Justice Sandura was one of the few judges known to have refused the offer of a farm under the government’s controversial land reform programme.

“He (Sandura) is one of very few judges known to have turned down an offer of a farm under Robert Mugabe’s controversial land redistribution exercise in recognition that it could have compromised his judicial independence and impartiality.

“He was a true rarity. The loss of this gentle giant of a lawyer of immense skills is very sad indeed. He was extremely formidable in his fairness, clarity, sharpness and impartiality. He was Justice personified,” said the MDC in a statement.

Justice Sandura died at a Harare hospital Wednesday, succumbing to injuries he suffered in a car crash which occurred in Mt Darwin two weeks ago.

Ncube’s MDC said Sandura’s principled stand cost him the chief justice ship when he was passed over by President Mugabe who appointed Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku to the job.

“Justice Sandura epitomized the very best of humanity in his unshakable commitment to Fairness and Justice for all,” the party said.

“He was an incorruptible, kind hearted, sensitive and scrupulously fair Judge whose unbending resolve to uphold the Rule of Law even in the face of extreme pressures cost him the Chief Justiceship of Zimbabwe when it was clearly his turn to assume that office based on seniority and competence.

“Justice Sandura stood out like a beacon as a competent, non- partisan, fair and just judge who gained the respect of fair minded Zimbabweans across the political divide. He was always dignified and respectful.”

The MDC Renewal Team also paid tribute Justice Sandura, describing him as a fearless judge who did not pander to the whims of politicians.

“Many will remember with great national pride how he handled the famous Sandura Commission in 1999, which exposed how several Zanu PF ministers and senior government officials had corruptly enriched themselves from the Willowvale Mazda Motor Industry,” the party said.

“It is sad that Justice Sandura’s death comes at a time when Zimbabwe’s judiciary is under threat from capricious politicians who do not truly believe in its independence.

“Only last week, President Mugabe made remarks that were interpreted by many as a threat to judges in light of the court case filed by Zanu PF’s Didymus Mutasa and Temba Mliswa.

“As the MDC Renewal Team, we believe that the judiciary’s independence is a key pillar of a democratic society and that those with power and authority must not undermine it for their selfish ends.

“We hope that Justice Sandura’s illustrious career will serve as an example not only for those in the judicial fraternity but also to those who are served by it.”

Source : New Zimbabwe