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MDC SECRETARY general Moses Mzila Ndlovu has revealed plans to petition the South Africa and Botswana governments to help protect Kalangas he says were under siege in Zimbabwe from an ever vindictive President Robert Mugabe.

Ndlovu, also a Kalanga, was speaking to NewZimbabwe.com following Mugabe’s widely condemned anti-Kalanga jibe at a SADC summit in Harare last week.

Challenged to proffer views on the causes of xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, President Mugabe claimed “uneducated” Kalangas who could not secure decent jobs across the Limpopo had turned to crime for a living.

But Ndlovu, a firebrand anti-Gukurahundi activist, said Mugabe’s “obnoxious” jibe must not be taken lightly as it smacked of intense hatred for people from the country’s western regions.

“We need to conscientise our people on implications of Mugabe’s statement,” said the former national healing co-minister in the GNU.

“We need to put out objections in writing not just for the Zimbabwean audience. We must put this protest and objection for the audience of the South African government where our people are found so that they know that there is a section of the Zimbabwean population who are being persecuted.”

Ndlovu has been a persistent pain to Zanu PF after consistently reigniting talk around the 1980s killings of an estimated 20,000 civilians in Matebeleland by a North Korean trained army unit at the

instigation of Mugabe, then prime minister.

As a government minister, Ndlovu was arrested and tried for holding a meeting in rural Matebeleland North which discussed Gukurahundi, a taboo subject in current Zimbabwe.

He views Mugabe’s latest remarks as a harbinger of worse things to befall a region that has rejected Mugabe in successive polls.

Ndlovu said Mugabe was merely revealing the reasons why he has continued to deny people from the perennially dry Matebeleland regions food assistance.

He continued: “The South African government should know that there are people from Plumtree who are there by virtue of not being afforded the same kind of protection by the state as those from the northern and eastern side of the country.

“For me, it’s not just Kalangas he is targeting people from Matebeleland because they are the ones who are mostly in South Africa.

“We are saying to those governments hosting our people like Botswana and South Africa they must begin to look at this from a different perspective that Mugabe is anti-Matebeleland.

“Regional and international organisations must be made aware of this development and our protest to say we cannot just keep quiet about such things.

“We have to reduce this in writing as people from Plumtree that we cannot take this lying down.”

Ndlovu said Mugabe’s unguarded statements were “obnoxious and really toxic in terms of the issue of ethnic relations”.

Source : New Zimbabwe