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SENIOR So-kyokushin karatekas from across the country will today have an opportunity to fine-tune their skills when they take part in a workshop to be hosted by the So-Kyokushin Union at Raylton Sports Club in Harare.

The workshop will be conducted by sensei Samson Muripo, with more than 30 black belt and brown belt holders expected to take part.

“We are expecting between 30 to 50 participants. We will be fine-tuning their techniques and kata and it’s a one-day workshop.

“We are basically looking at moving techniques and kata. It’s open to every so-kyokushin karateka from across the country and those with resources are welcome.

“We are holding this with the seniors because they are the ones who impart knowledge to the rest of the junior fighters,” said Muripo.

Muripo said they last had such a workshop last year, hence the need to host today’ event so that they keep up with the current trends of the sport.

“It’s been over a year now since we last held this kind of a workshop and it was important for us to have it now. We had one last year with shihan Jiyu Shibata from Japan. We want to standardise karatekas according to their levels,” added Muripo.

Muripo said they are hoping for better fortunes next year after a low profile year that saw them staging just one local tournament throughout the year.

“The economy let us down this year because we did not fulfil our plans such as hosting more local tournaments. We had a junior tournament in Warren Park and many trips outside the country. We went to South Africa on a number of occasions and I was in Japan together with Naison Chituwa.

“However, next year we are hoping to have more local tournaments and our major event is the All-Africa tournament we are hoping to host in July at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex. It will feature all kyokushin styles from across the continent and preparations start in January,” said Muripo.

Source : The Herald