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THE IFK Kyokushinkai Zimbabwe recently elevated 40 of their karatekas during their grading ceremony in Harare. The major highlight of the event was that of the upgrading of Tatenda Edmund Munyukwi who became first dan black belt holder after sitting on a brown belt for a year. Munyukwi and the other karatekas were drawn from across the country and the head of the IFK Kyokunshinkai Zimbabwe, Sensei Tawanda Mufundisi, said he was impressed by the latest development.

“We graded our belts from white belt to black belt and it was a very successful event. We had 40 karatekas who were drawn from all over the country and we had male and female karatekas ranging from juniors to adults. The major highlight of the event was the elevation of Tatenda Edmund Munyukwi who became a first dan black belt holder and he is the head of our Chitungwiza branch and his upgrading means a lot as he will spread the sport there.

“We are happy for him.

“We also had nine-year-old Jean Claude Mufundisi, who now holds the brown belt, having started at four years old and has won several junior events,” said Mufundisi.

Jean Claude Mufundisi recently took part in an international competition in South Africa where he did well.

“The youngster recently had his first international tour in South Africa where he exited in the quarter-finals, which I think is exceptional considering his age. He really has got a bright future ahead of him in this demanding sport.

“The grading was also made possible by Sensei Thomas Chiwomba. We had a good day and the guys from Kadoma also did well as they have people they are nurturing in the karate style of kyokushin,” Mufundisi added.

He said the sport was spreading as they now have dojos (branches) in Budiriro, Kambuzuma, Harare Showgrounds, Body Tech and Kadoma.

He gave credit to their secretary-general Arthur Mapininga for working tirelessly for the development of the sport in the country. The karate style of kyokunshin has been on the rise of late in the country with people like Mufundisi (Tawanda) and his mentor Shihan Tendai Marange leading the crusade of its growth.

Source : The Herald