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Karoi-based traditional dance group Icon Theatre Productions has been invited to perform at the Solomonic Arts Festival in Malawi. The traditional group will represent the country at the festival that takes place in Blantyre from April 3-6. Group leader Leo Funny Magada said he was happy that they will showcase different dances from Zimbabwe to an international audience.

“This is our first international tour and we hope to give it our best as we are representing the country. We hope to be there and represent the country as a traditional dance group,” said Magada.

Magada added that they would also stage a play on poaching as it affects countries in the region including Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe among others

Recently the group performed in Magunje and impressed many arts followers in the area.

They specialise in traditional dances that include jerusarema, mbakumba, dinhe, mbende and chinyamusasure, originally from Hurungwe, among others.

Magada added that their performances were building confidence for his members ahead of the international tour.

“I am happy that we got moral support from people in rural areas who could have brushed us aside as they were not used to our act,” said Magada.

Magada is confident that funding partners will dig deep into their pockets so that their trip will be a success.

“We hope that we will get the financial support so that we will showcase our talent with confidence,” said Magada

Icon Theatre Productions was formed in 2007 performing at youth aocacy programs targeting health, child marriages, human rights among other topical issues affecting women and children.

The group has travelled all over the country on maternal health, male circumcision, HIV and AIDS and cervical cancer campaign programmes.

Last year Icon Theatre Productions performed during the Hurungwe Arts Festival hosted by Baptism of Fire and bankrolled by Culture Fund.

Hurungwe Arts Festival programmes officer Joel Zilala hailed the invitation of a local dance group to Malawi as a positive move.

“We are happy that our local talents are going to be the country’s ambassadors during this festival in Malawi. We hope this will assist in building relations between two countries in the artistic world,” said Zilala.

Source : The Herald