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Zanu-PF secretary for production and labour Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire has warned farmers who settled themselves illegally on grazing lands that they risk being forced off to avert more disputes over livestock and grazing rights and boost the country’s livestock figures. He said this during a tour of Shaka Diptank and Gotora Primary School in Wedza on Wednesday this week.

The tour was also attended by Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Simbaneuta Mudarikwa and Wedza North legislator Cde Simon Musanhu.

“A land audit is currently underway and its role is to take note of what was happening including those who were inappropriately allocated the land.

“Those who were clandestinely allocated land in grazing pastures will be removed so that the country’s economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable and Socio-Economic Transformation, is successful.

“Restocking is imperative such that industries which were shut down due to the decline of the national herd such as the Cold Storage Commission in Marondera and Bata Shoe Company can be reopened. CSC requires cattle while Bata Shoe Company requires cow hides which can ensure more people are employed,” said Cde Ma- vhaire.

He said the leather from cattle slaughtered at privately owned abattoirs was being exported in raw form prejudicing the country off thousands of dollars.

“It is important add value to our leather material so that we can earn more money from our exports,” he said.

Cde Mavhaire said rural district councils could no longer auction stray livestock.

“It is no longer permitted for rural district councils to auction stray livestock when Government introduced cattle branding which can assist in helping identify the owner.

“Branding costs an individual farmer US$2 and it is not acceptable for one to lose a beast worth more than US$500,” he said.

Cde Mavhaire urged veterinary officers to spread knowledge about artificial insemination among farmers to improve the quality of the national herd.

He urged schools to plant trees equivalent to their enrolment figures on a yearly basis on National Tree Planting Day.

Minister Mudarikwa said farmers should prioritise value addition and sell their livestock at fair prices.

Cde Musanhi urged farmers to start preparing for the next farming season.

Source : The Herald