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THE corruption fight between former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Chief Gideon Gono and ex-aisor, Munyaradzi Kereke has been set down for September before the Constitutional Court.

Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku on Tuesday met lawyers representing Gono and Kereke and agreed a September date for the hearing.

Gono and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) chairman Denford Chirindo attended the proceedings which lasted less than an hour while the absent Kereke was represented by his attorneys.

The ZACC boss was represented by Itayi Ndudzo of Mutamangira and associates while Gono was represented by Aocate Figs Girach in a development that may have been designed to pre-empt Kereke’s objections to former finance minister Tendai Biti representing the former RBZ chief.

Biti also attended the hearing along with Aocate Lewis Uriri for Kereke. The meeting took place at Chidyausiku’s chambers at the Constitutinal Court in Harare.

Kereke, now MP for Bikita West, was fired by Gono in unclear circumstances.

He later made sensational allegations that Gono stole millions of dollars in public funds from the RBZ and is now pressing authorities to investigate the case through the Constitutional Court.

A copy of a letter from Chief Registrar, Walter Chikwanha confirmed that following a meeting held between the Chief Justice and the parties in the matter, it was agreed that the hearing be held between the 17th and 18th of September this year.

Chidyausiku ruled that police boss, Augustine Chihuri and Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana who have been sucked into the case, must submit their arguments jointly.

“After the hearing of the meeting in the Chief Justice’s chambers between the honourable Chief Justice and the parties’ counsel, the following was agreed upon: Tentative dates for the hearing of this matter are 17-18 September.

“The parties were given notice of the court’s desire to be addressed at the hearing of this matter on the joinder or non-joinder of the Prosecutor General and the Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and parties undertake the best way to proceed, given the existence of a number of preliminary issues,” read the letter.

In the main application before the top court, Kereke is seeking to compel the ZACC and the police to investigate and arrest Gono on allegations of theft, corruption and fraud allegedly committed at the time he was at the helm of the RBZ.

The Harare businessman claims Gono blocked a graft probe by bribing ZACC bosses with various sums including US$10,500 in holiday allowances paid by the RBZ to each of the body’s commissioners in 2009.

Gono and the ZACC countered the application saying Kereke’s application is based on malice and that the former aisor to the RBZ governor does not deserve to be heard as he approached the court with dirty hands.

The ex-central bank boss claimed that his erstwhile top aide could have “legitimate psychological and psychotic issues” that require expert medical assistance.

He urged the top court to dismiss the case, accusing Kereke of abusing court processes to pursue “vindictive and vitriolic claims”.

Source : New Zimbabwe