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When South African clothing store Jet opened its doors last year, it meant fewer journeys to and from SA for shopping. Soon other SA brand names followed the lure of the dollar setting shop in Harare and Bulawayo. Many more South African products have hit the country and are threatening to continue. Many foreign goods particularly from China, France, and Dubai to United Kingdom are in the country and alas some food chain stores are following suit.

Is the bug hitting trend or it’s an invasion of the West?

The return of KFC on Zim soil says it all. Zimbabwe has a market and everyone is rushing to taste it.

The fast food outlet located along Sam Nujoma Street Extension in Belgravia and is under the franchise deal with Zuva Petroleum and businessman Kelvin James of Consolidated Farming Sector Investments — a leading investor in the fast food sector in Zimbabwe.

The spot gives people who are refuelling their vehicles a chance to enjoy the delicious famous chicken, with an outdoor restaurant section inviting customers to enjoy their meals accompanied by the cool breeze in the atmosphere.

The shop opened its doors last Sunday and the Yum International Restaurant subsidiary Kentucky Fried Chicken has since attracting long queues of food lovers fighting to have a test of the famous KFC chicken.

The franchise is not entirely new in Zimbabwe as it was there but left in 2007 at the height of the economic challenges.

The fast food outlet is planning to open 25 outlets in Zimbabwe and it seems determined to match other existing fast food outlets in the country.

With staff dressed in their famous black trousers and t-shirts with the KFC logo, they are raring to go.

Zimbabwe is among countries that have been targeted by US fast-food giant Yum Brands to open 130 new KFC stores in Africa this year, bringing its presence on the continent to 1 000 restaurants.

Yum, the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut chains, also plans to bring KFC into seven new African countries this year.

It also plans to open stores in Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe this year.

The number of KFC restaurants in new African markets grew to 63 at the end of last year, in countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Malawi and Ghana. The figure excludes South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius, which, if included, brings the total number of KFC restaurants on the continent to almost 900 outlets.

Among the crowd was the gospel maestro Pastor G., who was smartly dressed in his grey stripped shirt enjoying six slicer hot wings, seating in the middle section and visibly enjoying the beautiful view of the green lawn just outside the restaurant.

Source : The Herald