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Sungura artiste Anold “King Razor1” Tozvireva has completed his fourth album that is set to be released soon.

Despite making little success with his previous four attempts, the musician said he is soldiering on and would unveil his fourth release since music is his passion.

Tozvireva said the release of his fourth album was delayed due to lack of resources.

“I have three albums and some songs from the previous projects are receiving good airplay but I could not release the fourth album on time because of lack of resources,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate that when he released the first album the industry was already affected by piracy.

“My first album, ‘Ndafunga Kuteerera’, was affected by piracy and that is making life difficult for me,” he said.

His previous albums are “Gwenzi Rerudo” and “Mharidzo Yerudo”.

He said he would continue to work hard despite failing to gain ground with these three albums.

“Those who have listened to my music gave me the courage to work on more albums,” he said.

Born in Bingaguru village, Rusape, Tozvireva where he did his primary education before moving to Harare where he did his secondary education.

He started his career in 1994 but it was not easy as he failed to make it during recording auditions that were stringent those days.

“During those days we would go for auditions before recording and it took us some time before I recorded my first album in 2000,” he said.

He was then given the green light to release the other two albums before lack of resources scuttled his fourth album.

The musician is a flower vendor at Africa Unity Square.

“I am a flower vendor. I am doing that (vending) just to earn a living but am in the process of forming a band so that I can start live performances,” he said.

He said he would engage the band members he worked with while recording the his previous albums.

“I used session artistes but if all goes well I will be working with them in performing and recording future albums,” he said.

Source : The Herald