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As is now the norm, the latest Kiriboni movie has won hearts and is selling like hot cakes since its release onto the market on February 6 according to writer, director and producer Raymond Mudyiwenyama.

“Kiriboni the character was received well and made an impact on the local scene. Some viewers have likened him to Mukadota during his heyday and they believe he is a perfect replacement of the veteran comedian,” he said.

He said it was also evident when Kiriboni won the National Arts Merit Award for the Outstanding Character hence their decision to give viewers what they were missing from local productions.

The character that is played by Sadat Sanhewe, who is also a film director, was a massive improvement from the previous movies as they had support from a pool of experienced cast members.

“Kiriboni, who settles in a small town after running away from his troubles, is introduced to a church by good Samaritan Mavis (Fortune Manhembe),” said Mudyiwenyama.

He introduces himself as a pastor who is passing by and all hell breaks loose when he decides to preach prosperity gospel.

Kiriboni beomes a part of the church and what follows is a series of fake miracles, shoddy deals with thugs, scheming and abuse of women and girls.

“Once his ideas run out, he consults a n’anga for supernatural powers. This, however, is nothing compared to his grand plan of robbing the church,” he said.

He added that viewers had a fair input in the script as the producers had added requests from viewers.

“In the new film, viewers are seeing a lot of action. There is a lot of running around of character and this time we pushed the envelope. We touched some of the burning topics in the society there by creating a line of discussion,” he said.

Source : The Herald