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Four suspected armed robbers allegedly pounced on a Borrowdale woman at her house and got away with $25 000 in cash and other valuables worth more than $15 000. Armed with knives and iron bars, the gang confronted the woman at midnight as she slept in her bedroom. One of the gang members, Joshua Zvirevo (27), has since been arrested and brought to court while his three accomplices are still at large. Zvirevo yesterday appeared before magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe charged with armed robbery.

He was remanded in custody to March 24 and Mr Mahwe aised him to apply for bail at the High Court due to the gravity of his offence.

Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira alleges that on December 4 last year, Zvirevo and his gang hatched a plan to rob people at night.

It is the State’s case that they armed themselves with knives and iron bars and proceeded to the complainant’s house in Borrowdale. They used the iron bars to break the windows and gain entry into the house.

They allegedly went to the woman’s bedroom and found her asleep before waking her up.

She screamed for help and the gang assaulted her to stop her from alerting other people.

They threatened to kill her if she did not comply with their orders, the court heard.

They tied her hands with a rope before demanding cash and valuables and ransacking her bedroom, but they did not find anything. It is alleged they continued assaulting her demanding to know where the safe was.

Out of fear, the woman led them to her office, which is adjacent to her bedroom and opened the safe.

The gang, the court heard, took $25 000 in cash from the safe and demanded other valuables.

They stole four laptops, five mobile phones, a camera and jewellery valued at $15 485 before they left.

Source : The Herald