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The Warriors have been hailed for their brave performance in Malawi which saw the team pulling off a surprise 2-1 win in their opening game of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers at the weekend.

But the knives are still out for beleaguered ZIFA.

Footballers Union of Zimbabwe president Desmond Maringwa yesterday hailed coach Callisto Pasuwa and his charges for defying the odds but had no kind words for ZIFA for their bungling.

“Thumbs up to Pasuwa and the boys for a job well done. They did what nobody else had expected under such aerse circumstances,” said Maringwa.

“They were g mentally and they showed they are committed to the cause of the nation. But there is need for a better deal for the players.

“Seriousness is needed from the administration side in terms of preparations. They must learn to engage the players in the right ways. If there are politics there at ZIFA, they must not let their politicking affect our football.

“As union we are not happy. We are really concerned with the way the team was made to travel to Malawi. It’s too dangerous to travel such a distance at night. Their security and safety was at risk as well.”

The former Warriors player said ZIFA needed to be more professional in their approach to avoid the problems faced last week.

“As long as there are contracts there won’t be problems like what we saw last week. Everything should be agreed on and put in writing well before the matches begin, be it the allowances, match fees and even the travel arrangements.

“That’s what is happening worldwide. We need a little bit of professionalism at ZIFA.

“Right now there is no trust between the association and the players because they have been lying a lot to these guys. We could see more of the chaos if the basics are not addressed.”

Former CAPS United player Frank “The Dealer” Nyamukuta said the performance by the Warriors was admirable given their shoddy preparations.

“I want to give credit to the coach and the players. I give respect to Pasuwa because if it was any other coach he could have already thrown in the towel with all this confusion.

“It wasn’t easy to go out there and come back home with a win. Firstly, they needed proper preparations with motivation and then travel early so that they settle in Malawi and get a feel of the match venue. All that never happened.

“A lot of things need to be done for Zimbabwe football to improve. What is happening now isn’t conducive for football. It’s unacceptable for a national team to boycott duty like what happened last week. It shows that something is just not okay with the leadership.

“For any team to realise success on the pitch it has to start with the administration. I envy the old days. I remember during our days at CAPS United we had very good administration led by (Shepherd) Bwanya and it showed on the pitch,” said Nyamukuta.

Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association president Eddie Chivero said the Warriors could have performed even better if they got enough support.

He said ZIFA should be ashamed with the win, which came against the backdrop of a chaotic build-up.

“For the team to go out there and beating a side that was in camp for close to two months is no mean achievement. It’s a more of a miracle,” said Chivero.

“That kind of confusion should not be allowed to happen again. They defied the odds and now ZIFA should look themselves in the mirror and be very ashamed.

“It’s clear they had wanted to sabotage this campaign from the start for reasons only known to themselves.

“Yes, we can celebrate this win but we mustn’t forget that we still have more matches coming. With this kind of leadership we might be doomed.

“I believe the companies are ready to partner the national teams but the ZIFA brand is in tatters. It’s even sinking deeper into the abyss. Imagine, who would want to be associated with all the chaos that took place last week?”

Chivero said ZIFA have destroyed trust and the Warriors were justified for boycotting the flight to Malawi last week.

“Personally, I wouldn’t blame the players for refusing to travel. They are not mercenaries as some would want to view them. These guys were just asking the ZIFA leadership to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

“Knowing the kind of people that they were dealing with, it wasn’t easy to trust them. Remember most of these guys are family men and some are even owed monies by the same association from previous assignments,” said Chivero. Former Zimbabwe internationals, Alois Bunjira and Memory Mucherahowa, took to Facebook to congratulate the Warriors and also to air their views on the issues surrounding the game.

“Well Done Manabunu,” said Mucherahowa.

“They may try to bring you down but they will never succeed. Make sure ZIFA yapa vapfanha mari because mari yaMagaya haisi yeZIFA. Well done Warriors,” said Mucherahowa.

CAPS United legend Bunjira said the headlines before the Malawi game turned Zimbabwe football into a disgrace. He said people should accept that ZIFA have failed and look for ways to support the Warriors.

“One can only imagine what we could have witnessed if the team had managed to have adequate preparations and better travelling arrangements. Now, I think it is time for the whole nation to unite and support these boys,” said Bunjira.

“The whole nation is already looking forward to qualifying for 2017 AFCON. What this team now need is serious financial support and backing. This is where I believe that the government of Zimbabwe should also chip in. I now see this as a national cause.

“The little that the government can do, may they come to the party and do it. This is where I believe that those big corporates in Zimbabwe should also now chip in with the little they can.

“This is of national interest. While they chip in, they also would be marketing their brands and products. This is where I think every other Zimbabwean should chip in. I am talking about even the ordinary fan that can even spare 50 cents or a dollar for this national cause.

“We know that ZIFA has failed. This has been well documented. Can we all just watch our soccer die when it looks so bright in the near future?” said Bunjira.

Source : The Herald