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COMMUTERS have called on the government to put stringent measures and regulations to force commuter bus operators to accept the new bonded coins.

Government last week introduced the bonded coins in denominations of 1c, 5c 10c, and 25c with the 50 c coins expected to be introduced in March next year.

But commuters in Harare this week said they were not happy with the attitude of nearly all Kombi operators whom they said were refusing to accept the coins.

Some conductors at Charge Office Bus Rank said they were under strict instructions from their bosses not to accept the new coins. They said there were fears that it might be difficult to dispose them as government is in the habit of changing goal posts suddenly.

“Our bosses said they are still assessing the situation and so we should not accept these coins for now,” said one conductor.

He added: “If I accept the coins the owner of this Kombi will not accept them and he told me that he will deduct an equivalent from my salary so why should I risk.”

Other Kombi operators said they have enough of South African coins and so they don’t need the bonded ones for now.

The situation was the same throughout Harare and Chitungwiza.

Urban Commuter Omnibus Operators Association secretary-general Simbarashe Ngarande said he was out of Harare and was yet to get reports on the bonded coins and so could not give an official position.

In the City of Kings the Bulawayo Public Transporters Association’s Albert Ncube said he was not even aware of the bonded coins.

“Call me tomorrow this is the first time I’m hearing about these coins. I will give you our position then.”

There were reports Monday that most businesses including Fast Food Take away shops were also not accepting the bonded coins.

A survey in the central business district in Harare showed that small retail shops cashiers were also not accepting coins referring questions to the owners as they were also under strict instructions not to accept the bonded coins.

Source : New Zimbabwe