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Sports Commission acting director general Daniel Kuwengwa says they are hoping to continue engaging the corporate world for the Annual National Sport Awards for future editions as they try to source funds for the event.

The Sports Commission this year opened their doors to the corporate world, with tables up for sale as part of their efforts to have the event fund itself.

Their main sponsors, Delta Corporation, reduced their sponsorship package from $50 000 to $30 000 for the awards held this week.

“Yes, we are happy that a lot of corporates, for a start, came, although we made the decision late to sell the tables.

“We got a lot of responses from corporates like Zimra, ZPC, Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services, among others.

“They were here to support us and we hope next year they will move from simply buying tables into some meaningful sponsorship.

“It was a full house and most of the people here paid except for the nominees. I think going forward it should be the thing, people should contribute,” said Kuwengwa.

He said they were also impressed with the attendance of nominees for this year’s awards compared to the past events.

“Almost all the nominees came except for Cara Black and this is a good development. For the first time we had about 98 percent in terms of attendance,” said Kuwengwa.

The awards saw boxer Charles Manyuchi being crowned the Sportsperson of the Year and was also named the Sportsman of the Year.

Rebekah Oberholzer was named the Junior Sportsperson of the Year.

The seven-year-old made it a double with the Junior Sportswoman of the Year.

Source : The Herald