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A Harare woman today told the court that her neighbour who sells drugs is in the habit of defecating and urinating at the community borehole with his customers.

Valerie Neruwana said Spencer Zongoro, both of Glen View area 8, is in the habit of scolding her with obscene words whenever they meet.

This was revealed at the Harare civil court where Neruwana was seeking a protection order against Zongoro.

“I am now living in fear because he always insults me with obscene words every time he sees me walking in the neighbourhood.

“Sometimes he throws stones at me for no reason. I want the court to bar him from selling his drugs near my yard as he is disturbing my peace.

“Him and his drug customers are putting lives of many people at risk as they are in the habit of defecating and urinating at the community borehole,” she said.

Zongoro disputed the allegations as fabrications aimed at having the court remove him from his workplace only.

“This woman hates me because I am a Zanu-PF youth and she is an MDC-T supporter.

She is just jealous because my business of fixing bicycles is paying more than what she is getting from the shebeen that she operates at her house.

“How can my friends and I defecate or urinate at the borehole when it is our only and reliable source of water,” he said

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi deferred the matter to Monday for judgment.

Source : The Herald

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