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Two students from ILSA College were today ordered to perform 245 hours of community service after they were convicted of taking turns to assault a colleague while their peers took videos of the incident.

The case, whose video was shown at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and has gone viral on social media platforms, also highlighted cases of bullying and assault affecting private colleges across the country.

Tashinga Ashley Mugayi (20) and Demetria Jeki (21) accused Ashleigh Makora of insulting them and uploading Jeki’s photos on the social network while in a drunken state.

Watch the footage below

Jeki also took Makora’s school bag and threw the contents on the ground prompting Makora to lose $1 270 cash during the scuffle which was meant for her brother’s school trip to South Africa.

Magistrate Ms Blessing Murwisi convicted Mugayi and Jeki after a fully contested trial.

She sentenced them to 14 months in prison before setting aside seven months for five years on condition the pair does not commit a similar offence within that period.

The remaining seven months were set aside on condition the duo performs 245 hours of community service with Mugayi working at Mabelreign clinic and Jeki at Mabelreign dog section during weekends starting this Saturday.

In passing sentence Magistrate Ms Murwisi castigated the behavior of the pair adding that bullying in schools could lead to fatalities.

“Even though the court noted that the two are youthful first offenders and should be kept out of prison, what they did is uncalled for and they deserve to be punished therefore a deterrent sentence should be passed.

“If they were not youthful offenders, the court was going to pass a different sentence because bullying in schools could lead to loss of lives,” she said.

In defence the two argued that Makora was the one who provoked them.

In aggravation prosecutor Ms Patience Chimusaru had no kind words for the pair likening their behavior to that of wild animals.

“As females especially considering their ages, they are not expected to behave such, their behavior is inhuman. The offence was preplanned for they even brought a sjambok which they used to beat her.

“It clearly shows that they are heartless and ruthless and the complainant was traumatised. What is aggravating is that they even called their colleagues who were cheering them and taking videos.

“The assault was done in a brutal nature and only a custodial sentence will meet the justice of the offence,” she said.

The principal of ILSA College Mr Oscar Chavani said that the pair was going to be brought before a disciplinary committee and appropriate action would be taken against them.

On April 14, Mugayi and Jeki forced marched Makora to an alley which is between Baines and Five Avenue.

They ordered her to apologise to them before taking turns to brutally attack her.

Source : The Herald