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Mudzi South National Assembly and lawyer Mr Jonathan Samukange this week took Marange Resources Private Limited to the High Court claiming US$230 000 as payment for his truck that was used for diamond mining at Chiadzwa for six years.

Mr Samukange claims his Toyota Dyna Truck was being used in a joint venture mining business involving Marange Resources and Mr Robert Van De Merwe since 2008.

He argued that Marange Resources in 2009 admitted to owing him and agreed to purchase the vehicle for US$230 000.

The politician argued that Marange Resources never paid him.

Mr Samukange is claiming the money with 5 percent interest calculated from August 2009 to the date of payment in full.

According to the summons filed at the High Court on Tuesday by Venturas and Samukange law firm, Mr Samukange imported the vehicle in question from South Africa in 2005.

In 2008, he entered into a mining agreement with Mr Robert Van De Merwe, which was to operate a tantalite mine at Benson Mine in Mutoko.

It is stated in the plaintiff’s declaration that three months later, Mr Van De Merwe entered into another agreement with Marange Resources to mine diamonds at Chiadzwa.

He then took Mr Samukange’s truck and it was reportedly used for diamond mining from 2009 to date.

Mr Samukange indicated in the papers that in August 2009, the truck was impounded by police in Mutare for operating without a valid licence.

“In the same month, plaintiff (Mr Samukange) and employees of defendant (Marange Resources) admitted that they were using the lorry to ferry workers for the benefit of the defendant,” read the declaration.

“Defendant’s management staff agreed to purchase the lorry for the sum of US$230 000 being the value of the truck at the time defendant started benefiting from it.”

It is argued that Mr Titus Makeredza, the truck driver, admitted to using the vehicle for Marange Resources’ benefit from 2009 to date.

Mr Samukange claimed that he had lost access to the truck since 2009 and that he had been impoverished, while the defendant made money out of using the vehicle.

Despite demand, Marange Resources failed or refused to pay the sum of US$230 000, which is the value of the truck at the time of first use at Marange Resources, he argued.

Source : The Herald