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Harare laywer Mr Roy Harvey, has been given a 14-day ultimate by the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) to respond in writing following a complaint lodged by a local company, Hamilton Property Holdings (HPH), that he allegedly processed fake court papers.

This comes a month after HPH wrote a letter to the president of the LSZ Mrs Vimbai Nyemba, raising a complaint against Mr Harvey.

Mrs Nyemba then wrote to Mr Harvey aising him of the new developments and the need to respond to them on the allegations.

“I enclose herewith a copy of a letter of complaint received from the above named. In terms of the Law Society by-laws, you are required to reply the substance of the complaint in writing within 14 days.

“Kindly note that your failure to respond within the stipulated time frame will result in negative inferences being drawn from your failure to respond and the matter would be forwarded to the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee without further reference to you. May I have your comments,” reads part of the letter that was written to Mr Harvey of Granger and Harvey by the Society.

According to the letter by HPH to the LSZ, they had been raising complaints with them but had not been getting responds.

“We have raised our complaint previously with the Law Society regarding the above mentioned matter and we have recently inquired for feedback but to date we have not yet received any correspondence from the Law Society of Zimbabwe on this issue,” reads part of the letter.

HPH is accusing Mr Harvey of fraudulently acquiring a court order against them alleging that the company had fraudulently obtained transfer documents to register various properties in the city in their name.

“We wish to file a complaint against Messrs Granger and Harvey for using illegal and below the belt tactics in trying to obtain an order against HPH in court, through the use of an affidavit which was fraudulently created.

“It appears Messrs Granger and Harvey participated directly or otherwise in the creation and signing of this affidavit as the font on the affidavit is identical to the rest of the urgent chamber application,” reads a letter by Hamilton Properties.

The company said the allegations by Mr Harvey came as a surprise to them as they were aware that criminal investigations against them and businessman Mr Frank Buyanga, had been concluded at the time the affidavit was signed.

Police recently cleared Mr Buyanga and his companies of criminal charges they had been investigating over the past few years.

According to police, there was nothing illegal or criminal in the manner that Buyanga and his companies were conducting business in the country.

Mr Buyanga was once accused of conning people including prominent politicians of their properties.

In an affidavit deposed at the High Court on January 6 this year, Police Chief Inspector Joseph Chikandiwa based at Harare Central Police Station, said they were no longer investigating Mr Buyanga and his companies.

Source : The Herald