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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has warned the country’s youths against promiscuity, telling them to leave such shameful and risky behaviour to the likes of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Addressing a record crowd at the National Sports Stadium at an event to mark the country’s 34th Independence anniversary, Mugabe tore into the behaviour of his political rival, saying it was “disgusting and deplorable”.

“Government remains committed to achieving zero new HIV infections, but this needs everyone’s contribution, hatidi vanhu vanoita zvekuti apa bate, apa siye, izvo siraayi ana Tsvangirai (We don’t want people who date this one and leave, that is the behaviour of Tsvangirai),” Mugabe said, pleasing many in the bumper crowd who cheered in approval.

“Munofa nechirwere, tinoda vanhu vanozvibata kwete zvekuita zvinonyangadza (You will die, we want people who control their behaviour not to do shameful things)” he said.

However, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora dismissed Mugabe attack on their leader saying he was hallucinating.

“That is the talk of an old man in delirium”, Mwonzora said adding that “Mugabe must fulfil what he promised the people and stop cheap talk”.

Since the unfortunate death of his first wife Susan in a horrific car accident some five years ago, Tsvangirai has been associated with a plethora of women ending up with his marriage to Elizabeth Macheka daughter of Zanu PF Central Committee member Joseph.

Tsvangirai was forced to pay-off another of his mistresses, Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo, after a still-borne November traditional marriage for which he was almost fined by a Bindura Chief.

Another of his women, a South African citizen, is reportedly writing a book on her affair with the ex-Zimbabwe Premier after being dumped at the 11th hour.

The MDC-T president is reportedly paying child maintenance for another of his children sired with a Bulawayo woman while his marriage to Macheka is also said to be on the rocks.

And yet Tsvangirai could argue that Mugabe himself is no saint after he sired a child whilst his first wife Sally was on her deathbed.

Sally died of a kidney ailment in January 1992 and a few years later Mugabe married his former private secretary Grace Marufu who was over 40 years his junior.

It was later revealed that their first child Bona was born while the peerless and much-admired Sally was still alive.

A few years ago Mugabe claimed Sally had known and approved his relationship with the Grace.

Meanwhile, the veteran leader said although the Zimbabwe has managed to fight the HIV pandemic, the country was battling to provide treatment to infected children.

“However, we are still lagging behind by 55% in providing treatment for HIV positive children in the country,” he said.

The government, he added, was also worried by the rate of divorces in the country.

“Marriage a sanctified institution in our day has become a joke. We do not want that. We want a healthy nation that is economically productive, we do not want these divorces,” said Mugabe.

“Kana munhu aroora ngaagare nemunhu mumwe kwete zvekuti Nhasi uri apa mangwana wasiiyana naye, haditi hunhu wakadaro, (If a person gets married, heshe must abide to that person).”

Turning to the on-going political chaos characterising the opposition, Mugabe said Tsvangirai should solve his problems without resorting to violence as has been the case in the past.

The MDC has been rocked by a leadership renewal debate which has turned violent with those agitating for the removal of Tsvangirai being attacked by youths.

“Ko freedom yacho ndeipi kana vanhu vachirambidza vanhu kutaura zvavanoda? Haditi vanhu vanoorwa even mu MDC kana mu Zanu (What freedom did we fight for when people are not allowed to express their views),” he said

Elton Mangoma, the MDC-T’s deputy treasurer general was recently fired along with three other officials for demanding that Tsvangirai steps down.

Source : New Zimbabwe