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Zimdancehall artiste Legend Elly, real name Elisha Matarirano, has released a controversial single which disses gospel musician Mathias Mhere following his marital problems which became topical last week.

Gospel singer Mhere’s marriage is on the rocks after a WhatsApp conversation allegedly exposed his wife Susan Dzinamarira to be cheating with his friend and fellow musician Gift Mahlupeka.

Mhere said he felt betrayed by the affair, while wife Susan has begged for forgiveness and asked for another chance. On the other hand, Mahlupeka says it was all a set-up to create hype coinciding with Mhere’s album launch.

This was too much fodder for Legend Elly from Warren Park who quickly penned a song mocking Mhere with a pun on his name.

“I am saying Mathias is preaching through gospel but now “arikuridza mhere” (screaming) because of his wife and of his friend.

“Now he is calling to God and asking where is the favour now,” Legend Elly explains his lyrics.

But the singer says he is not out to bring down Mhere, but is just chronicling the events as they unfolded.

“People heard what happened to Mhere and now I want them to dance to it. I am just narrating what has been said on the issue and I am not trying to diss or laugh at his misfortune.

“In the dancehall fraternity people know me as Legend Elly – the story teller – and so when an event happens anywhere that attracts public debate, I try to put that into song. If people remember, I also recorded a song on the vapostori (church followers) and police clash in Budiriro last year and I felt I should also put Mhere’s issue into music.

“It can happen to anyone but as an artiste I saw an opportunity of being creative and I feel it’s fair because there is no offence because I am just asking people how they feel and what they think Mathias should do,” said Legend Elly.

Legend Elly recorded the song on Saturday and first played it at emcee Heavy E’s birthday bash at Super Label.

“The next album is called ‘Talk to Dem’ and has 15 tracks but the song on Mathias Mhere will not be on the album because I have just recorded it today (Saturday) and it will be released on Monday. On the album that should be coming out in March, there is a title called ‘Vanhu Venyama’ and ‘Mhere’ is a new single whose theme is that you can never trust anyone. Legend is signed under D-Brigade by Sniper Storm.

“At the moment I am aged 24 years and right now I my working on my second album.

“The first album is ‘Mandebvu’ and it features the hit ‘Gloria’ and ‘Hakuna Kutamba Kwakadaro’.

“I never had videos for the songs and the coming album will have a videos for some of the 10 tracks so that more people will know who Legend Elly is,” he said

Source : The Herald