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I have learnt quite a few tricks. I thought I would share with you the top four that have stood out for me.

The higher you go the more lonely you become.It is absolutely true. Most managers are very lonely in their spacious offices. There is a new term in the market, executive isolation.

Do not despair though. There are so many ways of dealing with executive isolation. If your organisation can afford, your assistants will help you out.

Your aisors are also there to assist filter information to you ideally. The danger in having those is that you are only given information that has been tailor-made, filtered, weighed and even censored for you as a manager.

It may not be easy to get the most accurate information for what is happening at the grassroots. But it is aisable to often rotate meetings with different management from other departments. Make your aisors feel comfortable and welcome to come into your office.

Avoid being in a pensive mood whenever a manager comes into your office. Listen and engage in conversations that are more spontaneous.

I have discovered that meetings held twice a year with employees at all levels are very insightful. It takes some bit of time from your work routing but it give you a different appreciation of events. Employees get excited when given a chance to voice out their concerns.

At some point in my career, especially in my initial days of being a manager, I would leave work very late. I simply could not cope with the loads of work in my in-tray. I had to scrutinise every communication being sent out, sign documents and finalise proposals.

It was too hectic. I realised, I was complicating systems within the company, complicating my life and leaving myself “burnt out”. Throughout my professional life, I leant that simplicity was more effective in dealing with, not only people, but our products as well.

Technology is amazing, but from afar we might assume these are complicated structures built one upon the other when they are not. You will realise that product development is not as hard, most of these lines are simplified and build with the customer in mind.

Product managers who wish to go far know that the more simplified a product is, the better it will be received. If you get too complex, you might receive a backlash. A customer is inundated with choice these days. There is no time to scrutinise and get tutorials on using your products.

Simplicity is key. I would rather you and your team seat down and simplify things. I now understand why some business people have resorted to limiting the number or choices customers have. Its easy to confuse customers with too much choice. By nature, I am generally an easy going person. I tend to reason out more before making decisions. Receiving compliments and kind aice feels nice but won’t get you far.

Shelter Chieza is an aisor in management issues. She can be contacted at shelter.chieza@gmail.com

Source : The Herald