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Today marks the beginning of 10 days of Zimbabwe’s celebration of its people’s diversity in pomp, zest and funfair- the Harare International carnival. Tonight’s Miss Carnival Beauty pageant marks the beginning of the Harare International Carnival where a multifarious array of events have been lined up until the climax on May 26.

A carnival atmosphere has engulfed the City of Harare and beyond. Excitement has reached fever pitch and stakes are high as the second edition of the Harare International Carnival explodes to life.

Zimbabweans in their broad totality are expected to pour into the streets and into the various venues to showcase their culture, traditional dress and expensive plumage while drinking all sorts of beverages from exotic to foreign ones. For once alcohol is permitted on the streets and indeed in public. Hey! Let the party begin.

The carnival, which will also be graced by participants from 25 countries including Brazil, Britain and Ecuador and the event will, no doubt, unite Zimbabweans regardless of tribe, colour or creed and social standing.

In the carnival, the rich must showcase their wealth while the poor are equally allowed to showcase their poverty and so are the artistes who are expected to showcase their talent.

Through the carnival, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, the vanguard of tourism marketing, promotion and development in the country, has taken a new trajectory into engraving footprints of the country tourism tapestries on the international tourism map.

A carnival is a festive celebration, which usually occurs in the weeks preceding the onset of Lent, although many carnival celebrations around the world occur throughout the year.

A carnival is a creative art form, aesthetic and dramatic spectacle as well as an entertainment presentation on a mass level usually celebrated annually in many countries across the globe. Carnival usually involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of circus, masked or costume parade and a street party.

Two famous carnivals are the Rio Carnival in Brazil, also known as “The Greatest Show on Earth'” and the Trinidad Carnival, commonly referred to as “The Greatest Party on Earth”.

Both these carnivals have grown into international spectacles, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. As their tag lines suggest each brings a unique experience to the offering.

A carnival celebration is a great way to showcase a country’s cultural heritage. It is a festival of colours, which is transformed into costumes (Mas short for Masquerade), calypso, steel band music, dance and an array of different ethnic food and art which attracts millions of people from around the globe.

This is typically held to parade the country’s culture and at the same time understanding and appreciating other cultures.

Let us pour out of our homes and enjoy the Harare International Carnival and celebrate our diversity.

Source : The Herald