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Keeping the environment clean is everyone’s responsibility and obligation that everyone should play a part.

The message was shared by an Environmental Management Agency representative at an awareness campaign in Domboshava last week .

Makumbi Visitation High School in partnership with the EMA hosted a one-day environmental awareness campaign aimed at disseminating information on keeping the environment clean to avoid diseases outbreaks.

The campaign ran under the theme “if you drop it, pick it up, if someone else drops it pick it up anyway”.

The environmental awareness campaign was an initiative organised by the Makumbi Visitation High School Environmental Club. It covered “Magwaza Shopping Centre” and Makumbi Mission Hospital. The students also went an extra mile supported by their EMA counterparts by teaching the shop proprietors about keeping their shops clean to avoid diseases outbreaks.

The main highlight of the environmental awareness campaign was a clean up campaign carried out in the environs of Domboshava. Domboshava residents welcomed the move that that attracted several locals who joined the students in the campaign.

“I see the environment as a small baby that needs to be cared for it to grow and as the inhabitants of Domboshava we ought to nurture it for it to grow. As humans we have a lot to benefit from the environment so we must keep it clean, if we ignore the environment future generations will have serious challenges. Also if people do not maintain their environs, they can cause ecosystem imbalance hence through this environmental awareness we want to mitigate these disastrous effects,” said Patrice Mapuranga, a Visitation Makumbi High School student.

Takunda Parichi (13) recited a poem on anti-littering expressing the need for Zimbabwean residents to change their behaviour and start caring for the environment.

Source : The Herald