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Award-winning songstress Cynthia Mare believes every citizen of Zimbabwe has a role to play in working against gender based violence and child abuse. Mare is one of the ambassadors of World Education IncBatwana an organisation that has worked towards eliminating gender-based violence and child abuse.

“When we talk of child abuse there are a lot of things involved and it needs every citizen to participate in making sure the practice is eliminated,” she said.

Mare who works with girls and young adults said out there children are suffering from abuse as a result of cultural and religious practices.

Others ambassadors of the same organisation are Alexio Kawara and Olivia Charamba.

Recently the three ambassadors met to see some video footages of children who are suffering from abuse.

One set of images taken in Kariba showed a child who is beaten if he fails to carry out some heavy chores after school.

“This is real as you have seen how the victims are giving an account of what they are going through. We need as Zimbabweans to be united educating people on the effects of these practices to our children and to young women,” Mare said.

The “Moto Ngaubvire” song maker is using different social media platforms and her shows to encourage citizens to fight against child abuse and gender based violence. She said the young ones are bearers of the future and there was need for them to enjoy their rights.

The organisation’s child protection aisor Precious Muwoni said through their officers across the country they are working to eliminate child abuse and gender-based violence.

“As you have seen from the footage that our officers are working to educate the nation on cases of child abuse. They are on the ground and have already dealt with these cases,” she said.

Source : The Herald