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MASVINGO Beef Producers Association has pleaded with the Veterinary Services to lift the bracket cattle sales ban which was issued almost two months ago due to Foot and Mouth outbreak in Masvingo.

The association said it was high time that responsible authorities permitted the movement of cattle in the province as indigenous beef producers are losing a lot of business during this festive season.

The chairman of the association, Robert Makado, said farmers were facing a serious financial crisis because of the quarantine order issued by the Veterinary Services.

He said: “Most of the beef producers earn a living through the sales of their cattle but this has been compromised after the Veterinary Services ordered for a stop in the cattle sales and slaughter.”

Mukado said the ban has seen beef prices going up in Masvingo as most abattoirs are now buying cattle from other provinces.

He added that the quarantine was a harsh method to all the beef producers as some producers in the foot and mouth free zones have also been affected.

“We are saying not all districts have been affected by the disease its unfair to some producers who are in free foot and mouth zones not to trade their cattle,” he said.

Dr Ernest Dzimwasha of the Masvingo Provincial Veterinary Services has however emphasized that they are not going to risk people’s lives for the sake of business.

“The quarantine is on and we cannot risk operations under such serious cases…beef producers should therefore be patient as we are working tirelessly towards curbing the disease and we will definitely notify them when the quarantine period is over. Then, they will be able to resume operations”, said Dr Dzimwasha

Source : New Zimbabwe