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Zim dancehall singer Tendazvaitwa Chitimbe, popularly known as Lipsy has turned a new chapter in her career, adopting a bad girl image that she showcased at the recently held Star FM’s Zim dancehall Remedy second anniversary.

It was not enough that Lipsy was dressed in a tiny short and fringe T-shirt that left nothing to the imagination but she took it a step further by inviting random male revellers for dirty dancing on stage during her performance.

The 27-year-old who was accompanied by her sister, an upcoming dancehall artiste called Mabhurugwa and they were among the few females that performed at the gig.

“This certainly is a new wild side of Lipsy that we didn’t know. I wonder what she is trying to prove by this because we all know it is out of character,” said one fan.

Lipsy, who is no stranger to live performances, is known to thrill on all occasions although she has maintained her girl next door image. In fact, she has always stood out for being classy and graceful, traits that she presented in her songs.

It seems to be a thing of the past now as her songs are turning nastier by the day too. What then could be the reason behind her transformation, one might ask?

“Of course, we have a new look for the New Year but she has been dressing and performing like that over the last few months. If you check her videos, especially on songs like ‘Mabhebhi anoita’, you will see that there was nothing new about that routine” said her manager Boss Chris.

Some, however, suggest the move was aimed at staying relevant in the industry, a concept used by fellow Jamaican chanters like Lady Saw, Pamputtae, Gaza Slim, Lady G and Macka Diamond.

Others feel Lipsy has toughened up in retaliation to being constantly bullied by fellow musician Lady Squander.

Lady Squander took the bullying too far and thoroughly beat the songstress until she passed out early this year.

Close sources however suggest that Lipsy was done curling into her shell.

Source : The Herald