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1242: The displays have ended concluding the graduation parade. We also end our updates.

1200: The ZRP is now carrying out their displays.

1154: The ZRP is now displaying their brand new operations vehicles.

1146: The national anthem is now playing.

1143: We are happy you have succeeded..allow me to congratulate the graduands for their well coordinated displays accompanied by the harmonic music by the police band. May I, on my behalf, express my gratitude for all the volumes of praise you have given me, all you have said about me, about me Africa, Sadc..I am chairman of Sadc by virtue of your support and similarly I could never have been AU chairman without your support and Sadc.I’ll do my best for my region Sadc and Africa as a whole..Africa for Africans.

1140: All graduands their seniors and colleagues and indeed all government employes should employ a zero tolerance to corruption. Public servants should strive to work for national good.

1138: Ladies and gentlemen while preserving peace and security is a fundamental function of the police… that police authority is founded in part with what the law grants..to a large extent police legal authority is based on public trust. Govenmnet gly condemns the abuse of authority be it by indivduals or police.

1135: although criminal develop parallel and potentially frustrating techniques, police training should involve forensic and new technology techniques. when equipped with these skills our police should be found equal to the task.

1133: 698 man and women are taking the oath of office dedicating themselves to serving our country. 290 of them are women nearly half of the graduating contingent. a clear demonstration to give gender equity in the police force as indeed in all our Government structures… as you are all aware the ideal situation would be 50-50.

1130: President Mugabe is now addressing the gathering. he says the new breed of officers is a solid demonstration of the unwavering commitment of the ZRP.

1119: Recruits congratulates the President on his elevation to lead SADC and AU. They have promised to guard jealously the gains of the liberation struggle. According to recruits, ZRP continue to abide by their mandate as spelt out in the constitution of Zimbabwe. It is now time for presentation of certificates for the best recruits in individual squads.

1106: Police graduate now doing displays here at Morris Depot.

1057: Recruits have finished slow march past and now shift to quick March.

1045: The parade commander has requested for permission for the parade to march past in slow motion and the President has granted the permission.

1044: President Mugabe has finished reviewing the parade and the crowd turns wild chanting Gushungo Gushungo. Police Commisioner General A Chihuri accompanied Pres Mugabe as he was reviewing the parade.

1041: There 142 graduating Support Unit officers today. Support Unit graduates introduce themselves to President Mugabe as he reviews the parade.

The crowd sings ‘Africa inotongwa naGushungo’ as he reviews the parade

1039: ZRP support unit graduates set to graduate today.

1026: The reviewing officer has finished inspecting the first row of recruits and now moves to the second one.

1024: Wild cheers from the crowd ‘Gushungo Gushungo’ as the reviewing officer moves towards the terraces where the people are sitting.

1022: Recruits introduce themselves as the reviewing officer inspects parade.

1021: The parade commander is now inviting President Mugabe to inspect the parade. President Mugabe has agreed to inspect the parade and the bands sings Mbuya Nehanda as he moves closer to inspect

1014: Passing out are squads 17814, 17914, 18014 up squad 21014

1011: President Mugabe is the reviewing officer at the Presidential Graduation parade at Morris Depot today has arrived at the venue.

Source : The Herald