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Did you know that some common herbs are a cure to a range of diseases and conditions that trouble mankind today?

Herbs have been known for centuries to possess so many medicinal qualities, way before the aent of modern medicine, and even though they have been overshadowed by the latter, their usefulness has not been diminished. Far from it, they are still as relevant as ever.

The use of medicinal plants (sometimes referred to as phytotherapy) to complement conventional medicine can have a significantly positive impact on our current health delivery system that has in recent years been through trying times.

And employing medicinal plants is neither expensive nor difficult to implement.

Our forefathers would live for many decades because of their vast knowledge and application of medicinal properties contained in many common plants and herbs that are still in existence even today and it is sad that many people are suffering from illnesses that can be treated by these plants.

It is this knowledge and application that the Blessed Hands Herbal Clinic, a clinic run by the Little Children of the Blessed Lady (LCBL) sisters, is resuscitating in the modern age to work side by side with conventional medicine.

Efforts have, however, largely been slow because many people have misleading perceptions since they know so little about the use of herbal medicines and can only vaguely relate to them through second-hand accounts and even associate traditional medicine with witchcraft and folklore.

These perceptions, unfortunately, are quite misleading, because even the Bible itself shows us that God, who created everything seen and unseen, created the herbs for a purpose.

This is highlighted in scriptural texts such as Ezekiel 47:12, which clearly states “. . . Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.” (NIV).

In the story of Daniel, the value of herbs to one’s health is clearly demonstrated as Daniel and his friends were able to enjoy superior physical health because of a herbal diet.

So why then has the use of herbal treatment been so misunderstood and stereotyped?

The Bible says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”, and Blessed Hands Clinic has now taken the initiative to address this.

The clinic, in collaboration with Enactus UZ, a student organisation from the University of Zimbabwe, recently launched a Virtual Learning Centre on its website, an easily accessible, interactive online platform where the public can discover the amazing potential of the plants we interact with on a daily basis.

This platform is freely accessible and makes a treasure trove of information that can truly empower one to be able to make use of God’s given medication, right out of the heavenly dispensary for most of the common ailments and even treatment for some of the opportunistic infections for diseases associated with epidemics like HIVAIDS.

The VLC also gives users a platform to ask the experienced Blessed Hands staff questions pertaining to health issues and natural and complementary treatment methods as well as remedies for common ailments that can be derived from everyday herbs such as cinnamon and lemongrass.

In addition, users can take a simple online test to complete the learning process and even get a chance to graduate and receive a certificate upon passing the test!

This is truly an amazing tool that can forever change the way we regard the plants around us . . . and our perceptions of which plants to gather as wheat and throw into the fire as weeds.

The author is a student at the University of Zimbabwe and member of the Entrepreneurial Action Us (Enactus).

Source : The Herald