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A Harare woman is living in fear of her neighbour, a policeman, who always threatens to kill her because she turned down his romantic overtures, Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Babra Masinire heard yesterday.

Adelaide Nyamaru claimed Timoth Marangwe was threatening to kill her and throw the corpse into a well because she turned down his proposal.

Nyamaru was seeking a peace order against Marangwe whom she said was making her life unbearable.

“I told him to leave me alone since he is a married man, but he keeps on forcing me to love him taking aantage that I separated with my husband last year.

“I am afraid of walking alone or sleeping in my house because he is always uttering death threats to me each time we meet,” she said.

Marangwe refuted the allegations saying Nyamaru was the one causing trouble in the neighbourhood.

Ms Masinire granted the peace order, which barred Marangwe from verbally or physically abusing Nyamaru and to preserve peace towards her at all times.

Source : The Herald