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Producer Laiton Ngolomi’s D shoot got a lukewarm response on Saturday at Aquatic Complex. Despite having billed a number of popular artistes like Mathias Mhere, Leonard Zhakata and Blessing Shumba the show failed to attract huge crowds.

But Ngolomi is satisfied. Speaking on the sidelines of the show Ngolomi said he was happy with the response from the fans.

“For a start I think it is fine and it shows that people will get used as time goes on,” he said.

He said they were working on the D for the album “Extreme Afrique Volume 1” that features Shumba and Mhere.

Mhere said his career would not be affected by Ngolomi who also doubles as his producer and band member.

“I don’t think that can be a problem because we work as a family and that is clear in our work,” said Mhere.

Ngolomi’s new eight-track album is called “Extreme Afrique Gospel Choir Volume 1” a title derived from the name of his group, Extreme Afric Gospel Choir. However, the project seems to be a replica of Zim Praise Choir which has made waves both internationally and regionally. Ngolomi said he started the project in 2011 and has been nursing it since then. “I am the one who financed the project and we took time in coming up with a CD,” he said.

He is expecting to make his first tour in June where he will be performing in the United Kingdom.

“That will be our first tour. When we finish the contracts and payments we will tell you,” he said. Shumba failed to turn up for the event as he had a breakdown in Rusape.

Source : The Herald