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It appears sungura kingpin Alick Macheso will not be slowing down soon after he lined up two mega shows in Harare beginning tonight with a New Year’s Eve party at Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda and another gig at Dandaro Inn on Thursday.

Macheso, who made headlines this year following his costly divorce with his second wife Tafadzwa Mapako, will be all out to serenade music lovers into the New Year.

His private life outweighed his music such that he failed to release a new album as he had promised earlier in the year.

“Extrabasso” as Macheso is fondly known promised Harare fans a rare treat on New Year’s Eve.

“We failed to release an album this year because it took time to finish the studio and the songs” Extrabasso said.

He said he would put final touches on the album when they take their annual leave next year.

“We need time to work on this project and January will be appropriate time for us to work on the album,” he said.

The musician has more to offer to his fans who are yearning for the new product.

Already he is sampling some of the new songs during his live performances.

His last show at Big Apple on Christmas Day proved that despite his personal woes, Extrabasso is still the darling of the people.

He loves his fans and they love him too. As it stands, there is no one who can stop Orchestra Mberikwazvo from moving forward except his Almighty.

Band members have come and gone but the band is still intact. In fact, more people are attending his shows now than ever before.

So when he takes to the stage at Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda, fans will be eagerly waiting to see him perform some of his yesteryear hits including “Makandidana”, “Madhawu”, “Shedia” and “Baba naMai” to mention a few.

Source : The Herald