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Police have aised Tafadzwa Mapako, the estranged wife of sungura ace Alick Macheso, to lodge a formal report if allegations she made that he ejaculated in the mouth of his child to treat a sunken fontanelle are true.

There has been a public call for investigations into the allegations of child abuse.

Mapako claimed this week that the collapse of their marriage could be traced to her refusal to allow Macheso to use an unorthodox way of treating sunken fontanelle by inserting his privates into their second child’s mouth and ejaculating.

She alleged that the bassist did this twice to their first child and that his first wife Nyadzisai Macheso witnessed this.

In an interview yesterday, national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said while they were averse to meddling in civil matters like divorce, they had a constitutional mandate to investigate criminal allegations.

“In this case, we appeal to the estranged wife to approach her nearest police station so that a statement can be recorded from her,” he said.

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association national director Ms Chiedza Simbo said the allegations were serious.

“Children are, because of their physical and mental immaturity, vulnerable to abuse and parents and caregivers as well as the State have a special duty to protect children from harm,” she said.

“We urge the police to investigate the abuse alleged in the article in The Sunday Mail with a view to establishing the truth of the matter and, if the abuse is proven, prosecuting the alleged offenders.”

Ms Simbo said Zimbabwe had the Children’s, Guardianship of Minors and Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Acts to protect children.

Social commentator Mr Elton Dzikiti said when allegations of that nature were raised, it called for national outrage and organisations dealing with children’s rights should rise to the occasion.

“The allegation that a child has been subjected to serious sexual abuse should prompt an immediate and thorough investigation — regardless of the circumstances, in this case a pending dissolution of a prominent musician Alick Macheso’s marriage,” he said in an article published by The Herald yesterday.

“Where are the women’s groups? In my view, they should be picketing relevant authorities, demanding action be taken to ensure such a heinous crime, if true, does not go unpunished and that the child or children affected receive the protection they rightly deserve.”

Source : The Herald