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Alick Macheso who is still smarting from a nasty divorce from his estranged second wife Fortunate “Tafadzwa” Mapako of four years, is set to headline at the Carnival Sungura Night slated for this Friday at Ice amp Fire Pamuzinda.

Macheso’s divorce case was and is still making headlines and most of his fans have shown sympathy towards the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader including fellow musicians in the likes of Suluman Chimbetu.

The divorce has proved to be Macheso’s trying moment since he has to separate his love life from his music.

Since the divorce case opened, the “Charakupa” singer has not performed in the capital although outside Harare he has held sold out shows.

This makes the “Carnival Sungura Night” a must attend so that fans can get a better appreciation of the man and the music.

But one thing you cannot ignore is that Macheso or simply Baba Sharo to his followers, has learnt the hardway.

Well, while the divorce case still rages on at the courts, the only best thing for Macheso to do is to prove through his music that he is the undisputed king of sungura.

A bumper crowd could prove his mettle and shame his critics once and for all. There is no doubt, Macheso is the Orchestra Mberikwazvo and the rest are just band members.

There are also other stellar performers on the line up including Jah Prayzah and raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda.

While Macheso remains a favourite of many, Jah Prayzah is coming up in a big way.

He has taken his brand to another level and he is one youngster to watch out for in the near future. Jah Prayzah is the sort of musician who does not belong to a particular genre and it is difficult to pigeonhole his music.

One moment he is into mbira and the next moment he wants to play reggae. However, he is working hard to try and push his latest “Kumbumura Mhute” that features songs like “Soja Rinosvika Kure”, “Dalie Wangu” featuring Charma Girl from Botswana, “Makanika” and “Kumagumo”.

So far, Jah Prayzah has proved to be the hottest act and his last show in Mutare fans were turned away. Such is the power and allure of Jah Prayzah’s music. He is also getting better with each show.

Last but not least, Bev is also a woman of many talents – she can dance as well as sing. However, she is known for her raunchy dances more than her music. This is not to say her debut album was bad. NO!

In fact, Bev is a hard worker who always want to introduce new things to her fans. This is one of the reasons to attend the show since she is unpredictable.

Jacob Moyana will be the cherry on top with his humourous lyrics in almost every song. His often-quoted song “Munotidako” is popular among fans. The gig is organised by Chipaz Promotions in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority as part of the Harare International Carnival.

Source : The Herald